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Why Your Organization Should Plan a Conference

Is your organization considering planning a conference for the first time? Are you wondering whether a conference is even the right choice? If so, read on, and learn about a few of the reasons why planning a conference could be the right move for your brand, field, or cause. Choosing to plan a conference is […]

How to Balance Budget and Attendee Experience

Planning a conference in today’s technology-saturated climate presents event planners with new and mounting challenges. Because would-be conference audiences have virtually instant access to brands and information online, their expectations continue to grow. This means that in-person conference experiences need to adapt to improve the attendee experience, elevating it above the experience a potential guest […]

Four Ways to Save on Event Costs

Finding creative, effective ways to better leverage an event’s budget is one of the most challenging aspects of planning conferences and corporate events. We know it’s not always easy to squeeze everything you’d like out of your budget, so we want to share some ideas that can help you can look for small ways to […]

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Event's Email Marketing List

After you’ve organized a conference a few times, you might have a lengthy list of email addresses from those who have agreed to receive marketing communications for your event. It can be easy to forget about maintaining email lists, and sometimes the task can seem daunting. If it’s been a while since you took a […]

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Event

 Social media is one of the easiest, most effective resources for marketing events. However, it is often underutilized by professionals for a range of reasons. Many of those planning small and medium events aren’t sure whether social media could work for their conference or meeting. They’re often surprised to learn how strategically leveraging social media […]

The Conference Data You Should Be Tracking

Many conference planners find themselves wondering whether their most recent event truly performed in line with previous events, but they often lack the data that can answer that question. Data tracking has been in the news regularly over the last few years, and not always in the best way. This has caused many small and […]

8 Unique Ways to Market Your Event

Marketing professional events can be tough, particularly if your brand or organization is new to orchestrating conferences. We’ve put together a list of eight great ideas that can help your brand stand out. Every idea won’t work for every event, but these are a great place to start thinking outside of the box and finding […]

Is an Event Website Right for Your Conference?

If you’ve attended many large conferences, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the event website. They can range from simple, one-page sites with vital information to complex sites with lists of speakers, agendas, and ticket purchasing or reservation pages. These websites are most often associated with extremely large events, but they can be great […]

Leveraging Events to Tell Your Brand’s Story

  The details of planning a conference or event cover a range of topics from catering to technology, but many planners fall short in one key area: branding. Regardless of your industry or sector, every organization should have a predetermined brand. From logo colors to website copy, even small businesses and non-profits benefit from a […]

How to Obtain Constructive Feedback After an Event

Once your event is finally over and you’ve seen all your plans in action, you may find yourself wondering whether those plans resonated with your guests. Obtaining valuable feedback after an event is important for adjusting future events to fit the needs of your audience more effectively, but the act of obtaining it can seem […]


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