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2019 Event Trends

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2019 is going to be one of the biggest years in event planning. With larger budgets and better technology, you will be able to have one of the best events of the year. With the Conference Center at GTCC you will be able to plan the event with ease and flare. Below, we will showcase how 2019 is the year of innovation and niche marketing for corporate events and other conferences.

Creating Social Experiences

People are craving connection at home and when they attend your event so why not meet them half way? Using live stream services like, YouTube Live or Instagram TV lets your audience interact with what’s happening from home. Live chat features and two-way video allow for an even further level of involvement from the at home audience. Using live 360-degree cameras also allow for an easy all-around view experience for anyone online. Utilizing these services and products will boosts your events attendance digitally and lead to future interest.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Let’s face it your attendees often have easy to answer questions that are not worth your valuable time. By utilizing a chat bot in your event app or at your event with a voice assistant can show your attendees that your innovative and care about every detail of their experience. One of the most valuable ways to use chat bots is to have end of event surveys be sent out via the chat bot asking users about their experiences in a conversational manor. This has been proven a better way to collect survey data with higher response rates. Using a chat bot in the right manor will no doubt be a highlight of your event.

Event Email Personalization

Everyone loves when a friend writes you a hand written get well card or thank you note. So why not use personalization in your event email campaigns. According to Statista, the average email open rate for a personalized message was 18.8% versus 13.1% for one that was not personalized at all. But personalization is about more than just adding someone’s name to an email. By analyzing attendees’ preferences by keeping track of click throughs and noting URL drive click. You can then present on content based on everyone’s interests. Leading to better rates of engagement from attendees.

Influencer Marketing

Using the right people on social media can lead to higher online interaction than any lone digital ad campaign can do. For example, Casper was able to us Kim Kardashian as an influencer and after she posted using a Casper, Casper’s Website nearly broke with the high number of users visiting the site. You do not need to use any large influencer, using a micro influencer that is popular in your niche market can be just as valuable and save you money. Some companies have even deleted their own social media accounts in favor of just using influencers for their social marketing campaigns. No matter what direction you go in using an influencer can gain you those valuable millennial/ gen z attendees.

Personalized Event Experiences

Creating a VIP experience for a select few is what younger audiences are craving. This can be personal one on ones with each speaker or even an elevated food and bottle service during your event. This will create an in and out group that attendees will crave to be a part of and would willing to pay extra. This will create an experience that your attendees will not forget.

Innovation paired with niche offerings is where 2019 is heading and GTCC is a prime location for you event. Offering a beautiful modern space and amazing options we can fit most any need you can toss our way. Choosing what trends to follow every year can be costly, but we will always make sure at the Conference at GTCC we optimize your budget.

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