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Best Memorial Day Events

Memorial Day is a time for remembrance and honoring those who have sacrificed for our country. It’s also an opportunity for companies to come together and show their appreciation for their employees and their families. Organizing a Memorial Day event is a great way to boost morale and show that your company values the sacrifices made by our military heroes. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Memorial Day events to organize for your company and provide tips on how to plan a successful celebration.

1. A Memorial Day BBQ

A Memorial Day BBQ is a classic and popular event that your company can organize to celebrate and honor our fallen heroes. This event is a great opportunity to bring your employees together, boost team morale, and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

To organize a Memorial Day BBQ, you’ll need to choose a location that’s suitable for grilling and outdoor activities like our Clubhouse at the Cameron Campus where you have the luxury of both an indoor and outdoor space. 

To add to the festivities, consider organizing fun games and activities such as cornhole, frisbee, or a tug-of-war. You can also set up a photo booth with patriotic props and decorations for employees to take pictures and create memories.

2. Art and Craft Fairs and Exhibitions

To organize an art and craft fair, start by finding a suitable location such as a park or a conference center that offers various types of rooms and amenities. Next, reach out to local artists and crafters to participate in the event. You can also ask your employees if they want to participate.

During the event, set up booths for each artist to display their creations. You can also offer live music or other engaging activities to create a festive atmosphere. Consider hosting a raffle or silent auction to raise money for a local charity or veteran organization.

3. Host a Charity Event

Hosting a charity event is a great way to give back to the community while also promoting your company’s values and brand. Memorial Day is a perfect time to organize a charity event that honors the sacrifices of military personnel and their families.

To start, choose a charity that aligns with your company’s values and mission. Reach out to local organizations that support military families or veterans and ask how you can help. You can organize a fundraising event, such as a charity walk or run, or a silent auction. You can also host a charity concert or a benefit dinner where you can avail a catering service and where a portion of the proceeds will go to the chosen charity.

In conclusion, organizing a Memorial Day event for your company is not only a way to honor those who have served our country, but also a great opportunity to bring your team together and create lasting memories. From charity runs to volunteer work, there are endless ways to make a difference and show your support. So let’s get planning and make this Memorial Day one to remember! 

At The Conference Center at GTCC, we understand the importance of hosting meaningful and memorable events. That’s why our experienced staff will work with you to create the perfect Memorial Day event for your company. From venue to catering to décor, we have everything you need to make your event a success. Contact us today to start planning!

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