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Blog 2024: Kicking off the New Year

new year 110124

Kicking off the New Year!

We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with all of you in 2024. We have plans for lots of new things this year and wanted to share a snapshot of what we will be up to!

New Look for the New Year

First up, in November we previewed our new website design, and it will go live within the next week or so! Be on the lookout for a fresher appearance with updated photography of our spaces and a few new dropdown menus for our Lobby and Pre-Function areas.

Food, food, glorious food!

Be on the lookout for some new menu items coming your way. We will be revamping our menu, to roll out in the new fiscal year (July for us). From themed breaks to expanded continental breakfast, hors d’oeuvres and hot buffet options, our goal is to keep the menu exciting but also keep the favorite go-to menus that everyone loves so much. (did someone say Fiesta Buffet?) Did you know that a lot of thought goes in to how we display and package your meals at The Conference Center! In addition to new menu items, our caterers are also sprucing up our boxed salad packaging to give it a cleaner look and feel.

Don’t Sweat the Tech

Technology can make or break your meeting. And even more so, not having the right support, (or enough of it) can really make for a stressful experience for you and/or your clients. That’s why we are growing our team, by adding an additional Events Technology Support Specialist. So many of you have commented on how great it is to have technology support on site to help with troubleshooting needs throughout your meeting, and with the growth we’ve experienced over the past two years, we want to continue to provide our clients with top notch and timely support.  Adding an additional AV Tech will provide another layer of Tech support for our already very skilled on-site tech team. Do you know an experienced Events Technology Specialist? Someone who you would trust for all things tech during your meeting or conference. If so, please encourage them to apply at

Stepping Into Spring

Be on the lookout down the road for some information about our next client event. We look forward to hosting another Open House style event where we can invite our existing clients and anyone that is curious about us, to come to The Clubhouse for a relaxing time of food, games, and fellowship. This is just our way of saying “thanks” to all our wonderful clients.

We’ll be busy this year executing these items and much more while we manage and plan your events! We hope your 2024 will be filled with much prosperity, meaningful relationships (both personal and professional) and exciting events that accomplish your training and engagement needs.

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