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What to Consider Before Choosing a Caterer for Your Professional Event

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Great food at professional events has the power to leave guests with a lasting positive impression of your business. A lackluster dining experience, however, can diminish that impression far too easily. This means it’s absolutely vital to give special attention to food service during the planning phase of your conference. Keep in mind that while there initially appear to be many drawbacks to catering, having an already great event catered well can serve as extremely valuable tool for strengthening connections between your attendees and your event’s message or goal. Here are a few things to consider before making arrangements with a caterer.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about catering is the price. Catering comes at a cost that can seem exorbitant, but there are a few things to consider before you opt for the cheapest catering option available. While it can feel like you’re overpaying for each plate, it’s important to remember that catering is inherently more expensive than restaurant food by its very nature.

Caterers often have to prepare a volume of food that far exceeds that of a restaurant, and each course must be ready to go out simultaneously in this huge volume. Beyond that, catering businesses must transport their food and equipment to the location of your conference along with enough staff to keep your food service running smoothly. In addition to these organic overhead costs, as the food’s quality increases, so does the price. If you have a special menu in mind or need a wide variety of dietary restrictions accommodated, it’s naturally going to cost a bit more, depending on ingredient availability, additional prep time, and the style of service.

If you’re ready to start planning your event’s food service, it can be helpful to work with event planners or conference locations who work with reputable local caterers known to provide great food and service at reasonable prices. When it comes to organizing your menu, don’t forget the season in which the event will take place. Something like a hearty like pot roast probably sounds fantastic if you’re planning in December, but when you sit down to eat at your event in August, you might want something a little lighter. Great caterers and event planners will likely remind you of this during the planning stage.

At The Conference Center at GTCC, our Cameron, Titan, and Titan Selective packages include the cost of catering. We have an exclusive relationship with one of the Triad’s best caterers, who uses our on-site catering kitchen to provide your guests with an extraordinary dining experience. Our on-site event planners will work with you to ensure that your guests can enjoy the ideal menu at wonderfully set tables. Menu upgrades are always available, and we welcome any questions you may have about scheduling an all-inclusive catered event. Contact us today for a catering-included booking proposal.

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