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Is an Event Website Right for Your Conference?

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If you’ve attended many large conferences, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the event website. They can range from simple, one-page sites with vital information to complex sites with lists of speakers, agendas, and ticket purchasing or reservation pages. These websites are most often associated with extremely large events, but they can be great assets for smaller events, too. We’ve outlined what you need to know before you decide whether an event site is right for your conference.

First, consider the number of guests with whom you might share the website. Whether it makes sense could depend on whether you’ve invited 250 guests for a larger conference or 25 guests for a small seminar. If you’ll have enough guests that it makes sense to provide them with a single link to a website you’ll update with pertinent information and news, choosing an event page might be the right choice rather than relying solely on email to communicate news and updates.

Next, determine what the goals of your event page might be. Every event marketing communication should have a clear call to action. What do you want your page’s visitors to do? Some examples include reserving a seat, selecting a meal preference, or registering for specific sessions. The key here is to make sure that the goal you have in mind can be accomplished easily through a website.
The last step is the most obvious. Weigh the cost of creating this website with the value of offering it for your guests. The pricing of these sites varies by content, number of pages, complexity, and designer. If you’re interested in commissioning one for your event, make sure you do your homework before immediately settling on the least expensive designer. There are also companies that exclusively build event websites, and they often know the most effective ways to convey your conference’s information and help your site accomplish your goals.

If you think an event website could be right for your conference, the most important thing you can do is provide accurate information in a timely manner. Whether you build the site internally or leverage an outside designer, ensure that vital details like dates, times, and addresses are immediately visible upon visiting the website. For many conference planners, utilizing a website can be a great way to stay in touch with attendees and share important information for both completely planned events and events that are still in the development process. If you anticipate holding a similar event annually, maintaining the website year-round is a great way to help previous guests who enjoyed your conference stay abreast of updates for the next year.

If you’re ready to find a great venue for your next conference or event, schedule a tour with us today! Our flexible packages and spaces allow you to customize your conference in a range of exciting ways.

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