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Leveraging Events to Tell Your Brand’s Story



The details of planning a conference or event cover a range of topics from catering to technology, but many planners fall short in one key area: branding. Regardless of your industry or sector, every organization should have a predetermined brand. From logo colors to website copy, even small businesses and non-profits benefit from a little planning and maintenance. These key details help consumers, donors, and potential employees identify, notice, and remember your organization. So, how do you carry them through into your event?

First, consider your audience. You’ll want to focus on different elements of your brand depending on who will be listening. If your guests are new employees attending orientation, consider focusing on internal benefits rather than sales pitches that would apply more to your clients. Tailoring your message to the audience is a great way to earn trust and hold your guests’ attention. Use this as an opportunity to highlight what makes your organization unique.

To do this, make sure your brand’s “personality” carries through in your event. If your business is known for its fun-loving, casual atmosphere, planning a conference with lots of long, serious lectures might not mesh with your brand’s personality. Even simple details like adding bowls of candy to the tables can help show off the core values of your company.

Simplicity and honesty are key in telling your brand’s story well. From the classic problem-solution-success speech to smaller conversations that incorporate audience members, work to eliminate language, ideas, and sessions that don’t directly provide value to those partaking in your event. Bombarding guests with unnecessary information is one of the easiest ways to turn them off to your brand. Don’t try to dress up your messaging to appeal to your audience. Simply share your story, and only include information that matters. 

After your event, there are a few key performance indicators that can tell you whether your brand’s storytelling was effective. Keep in mind that KPIs naturally vary by your audience and goals. These could include increased opt-ins for newsletters, sign-ups for product demos, or positive post-event survey responses. Virtually any trackable statistic related to your conference could serve as a KPI! One of the easiest to keep an eye on is mention of your brand on social media. People love to tell their friends and others in their industry about great organizations, products, and ideas. Towards the end of your conference let your guests know where to find you online, and watch for mentions that highlight what elements of your brand’s story were most effective.

If you’d like to learn more about how to share your brand’s values and story with your audience during your next event, our experienced event planners are happy to walk you through the process. Contact us to start planning the best conference for your brand today!

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