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Leveraging Technology for Your Event

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With every event, there come hurdles and bumps in the road. But by using technology in strategic ways you can lessen or even fix these issues. At the Conference Center at GTCC we offer a suite of modern technological features to best suit your events needs and give your attendees the best experience possible. Below we will list a few ways to leverage technology for your event.

Digital Advertising

The first step in marketing any event is getting the word out to your potential attendees. By using Google Ads and Facebook Events/Ads you can begin to attract your attended base. Start using by targeted ads with specific demographics to make sure you are utilizing your ad budget. Monitor your results to make sure your campaigns are reaching the right people and adjust your campaign budgets as necessary. Altogether, this will give you the best chance of attracting the right attendees.

Registration and Check in Software

Utilizing event check in software like Facebook or Foursquare creates an easy process for your attendees to check in. This also enables planners to produce and print coded badges, which can be used for lead retrieval and attendee tracking and gives planners a way to collect attendees’ information and apply it to reports that help them optimize the event, as well as future events.

Digital Signage

Using digital signage lets you instantly update attendees on any event changes or even have sponsored ads roll across the screens. GTCC offers mobile fifty-inch plasma TV screens to use at your event. With these large screens, you can have news tickers, images, and videos playing across your event. Digital messages can be customized for optimum target marketing and modified on the fly to drive attendance to session or networking events.

Charging Stations

Your attendees will be on the move constantly and that means a lot less time to charge their corporate phones or laptops. By placing charging stations strategically throughout your event, you will be giving your attendees the extra boost they need to get to your next speaker/session. Using these stations as information hubs also encourages networking and will make sure your attendees are getting the information they need.

Audience Response Systems

Audience response systems give your attendees another way to share their voices with the speakers and others at the event. They’re perfect for audience polling about the event, exhibits attendees are enjoying, the winner of a prize drawing at a sponsor’s booth, reactions to speakers, and more. They promote a highly interactive event while helping planners stay abreast of attendees’ opinions regarding various aspects of it. All this data can be used to better gain insights int your attendees and better inform your future event decisions.

Technology can be the best thing for your event, and here at The Conference Center at GTCC we make sure you are prepared to take on any innovative practice. Contact us today to schedule a tour before your next event!

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