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Meeting Your Audience Halfway: The Value of a Centrally-Located Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue for your next conference or professional event, you’ve probably considered things like how it fits into your budget and whether it’s right for your audience size. However, it’s important to consider the broader locations of venues you’re considering. A centrally-located venue can make your event truly special and show your guests that you planned your event with them in mind, boosting attendance and making your event even more desirable. This is true for several reasons.

First, it shows that you’ve thought through how much attending your conference will cost your guests on top of any ticket costs or membership dues required to get in. This is especially important if your guests will be personally footing any bills rather than their companies.

For example, if a large portion of your audience will have to fly in for your event, a location closer to the airport cuts down on Uber, cab, or rental car costs. Choosing a central location shows that you’ve considered other price-sensitivities that your guests may have. A centrally-located venue will be near restaurants, hotels, and other activities in a broader range of price points than choosing an exclusive destination-conference venue.

In addition, it can improve your conference’s attendance because a central location is more reachable for guests of all types. Perhaps some of your guests are busy parents who have a hard stop time to pick up their kids from soccer practice. Choosing a central location means that more of these guests can stay longer, even if they do have to leave a little early.

They’re also more likely to attend your event overall because they won’t feel like they’re wasting money if they do need to miss the last half hour of the event rather than the several hours they might need at a more out-of-the-way location. Even guests who must travel further to reach your event are more likely to attend if they know they’ll be able to reach the venue easily from the highway rather than navigate an unfamiliar city’s crowded downtown streets.

Finally, a centrally-located conference or event venue is the right choice if you’re looking for a unique setting. While it may be tempting to go with a standard hotel banquet hall or other venue, choosing something a bit different can impress your audience and keep them interested when your next event rolls around. Because it’s neither in the heart of a major city or in the middle of nowhere, a central venue can offer the easy access that your guests require with the more spacious ambiance that will make your event extraordinary.

If you’re ready to discover the perfect centrally-located venue for your next conference or event, schedule a tour with us today! Our team of dedicated event planners will ensure that you can create your ideal event without breaking the bank.

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