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Why Off-Site Training Makes Sense

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The process of planning training sessions for both new and existing staff members can pose the same challenges. Many businesses hold these meetings on-site for convenience, but is that the best option? Consider the following factors before booking the office conference room for your next training session.

First, think about the logistics of planning an in-house event. Is there a meeting space that can hold the entire group of learners? If your group is large, will you need to schedule multiple sessions to accommodate everyone? Not many offices have space for a large number of employees to meet at once. Multiple sessions may not be difficult to schedule if the meetings will be short, but when you need everyone to engage in a day-long event, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to break the group up, particularly if you’ll be leveraging paid speakers. Choosing to outsource a venue that can hold all your learners at once ultimately saves a significant amount of time.

Second, will you be incorporating any remote or off-site learners in your training session? If so, does your learning space offer the appropriate technology to engage those who aren’t physically present? Simply listening in on a meeting via phone usually isn’t the best way to learn. Adding in visuals along with audio help employees pay attention and retain information better than utilizing audio alone. Most conference venues offer video technology like live-streaming that you may not have readily available at your office to help your off-site learners feel involved in training events.

Finally, are your on-site learners able to fully engage with the subject matter if they’re sitting in the conference room or office where they attend meetings on a daily basis? Moving them to a new environment is an easy way to remove distractions like the temptation to check email or make a quick work phone call. In addition, engaging the senses can be a great way to keep your group alert and ready to absorb new information. The most popular way to do this is through catering, and event centers with dedicated catering kitchens allow you to plan this part of your meeting with ease.

At the Conference Center at GTCC, we believe that off-site training just makes sense. That’s why our day meeting packages include catering services, A/V capabilities with technical support, and plenty of space for groups of all sizes to engage and help their businesses grow. From classrooms to a tiered auditorium, we can accommodate large training sessions that include breakaway meetings, and our dedicated event planners will help you plan out the ideal training event every step of the way. Call us today and learn why our venue is perfect for your next off-site training session.

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