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Staying Local is Good for our Community


Local businesses are at the heart of a community. Whether your business was founded or relocated here, it is a vital part of our dynamic community. When planning and hosting events for your company, strongly consider using local venues. The Conference Center at GTCC is affiliated with a long-standing institution in the Triad and is proud to offer a variety of state-of-the art meeting spaces to accommodate all types of events. Here are some convincing reasons we believe it makes good sense to stay local when hosting events.

Good for the local economy

Simply, dollars spent in our community, stay in our community. When you host events in our community, you are supporting local businesses, thus providing income for your neighbors and raising the viability of our local economy. In addition to hosting your event at a local venue, call on local vendors to supply items needed for your event including printing services, signage and entertainment. During these uncertain times, local businesses need our support more than ever. When you feature local products and services, you send a message to your attendees that we are all in this together; when we help one, we help all.

Enhances community engagement

Keeping events local gives you the opportunity to work with area businesses and organizations. When you build local relationships, you help raise awareness of area businesses and organizations and their causes, enhance community spirit, and open the door for future involvement and engagement with your company or individually from employees. This engagement helps build trusting relationships that forge deeper community connections. You may also consider donating a portion of registration fees or proceeds from the sale of certain items to a local organization or cause. Besides, it is hard to beat the “good feeling” you get when you make an impact within a community that is close to your heart.

Better use of financial resources and human capital

Hosting events locally requires fewer financial resources and is not as taxing on human capital. You will not have to pay travel expenses associated with employees who plan and those who attend the event, nor will you have to ship materials and supplies for an event held at distant venue. Employees responsible for planning the event will be more efficient with their time as they will not be away from the office as often when coordinating with a nearby venue. Since travel is more challenging and limited during COVID-19, Triad companies are fortunate to have excellent options to host events locally.

Stronger attendance

When you host conferences, workshops or continuing education programs locally, you increase the number of employees or partners who are able to attend. Local events help allay travel expenses and logistics, planning for childcare and arranging for someone to take care of home matters for participants.

Easy access to local experts

If you host your company’s event locally, you will have better knowledge of and access to local experts you can engage to present to your audience. People are pleasantly surprised to learn there are so many experts in our own backyard who can provide insight and expertise on particular topics for employees. Local experts are potentially less of an investment to engage and are also more available for follow-up and building relationships with employees or your company

People in our community appreciate your willingness to stay local and highlight the top-notch businesses and services that help make our area vibrant and such a special place to live, work and play. We would be happy to share more information about what The Conference Center at GTCC can offer your organization and help plan an event that is good for you and good for our community.

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