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Sustainable Conference Venues and Your Business


When you plan a conference, how often do you consider the sustainability and environmental consciousness of your selected venue? If you haven’t considered it, you might be missing out on building brand awareness and credibility among a growing demographic of customers. More people around the world than ever before consider themselves concerned about minimizing their carbon footprints and living sustainably. Chances are, if you’re hosting an event, at least some of your guests will be eco-conscious. This means that choosing an earth-friendly event center will leave those guests with a good impression of your brand as well as your message.

Making the decision to become an environmentally-conscious brand doesn’t carry the risk that it did ten years ago. In many industries, vocalizing concern about the environment and choosing to actively take steps to reduce wasted supplies, energy, and money positions businesses among customers and competitors as forward-thinking and innovative. This means that taking the time to select a venue that prioritizes sustainability reflects positively on your company’s reputation. Your brand’s credibility among eco-conscious demographics will grow, making it easier to win over those customers in the long run.

In addition to the reputational benefits of choosing an eco-friendly venue, you’ll likely enjoy reduced costs as well. Because the costs to power and maintain event spaces that are certified as sustainable by organizations such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) are typically lower, that reduced cost is often passed on to businesses who utilize them for events. An added bonus is that venues planned with sustainability in mind are often thoughtfully designed to be aesthetically pleasing, modern campuses, which your guests will appreciate.

Ultimately the question you must ask is “does booking my next conference with a sustainable venue make sense?” If you’re looking for a beautiful space that actively works to save you money while building your brand’s credibility with the growing demographic of environmentally-conscious customers, it absolutely does.

The Conference Center at GTCC is a LEED Gold certified campus. This means that our planning, construction, and design processes were all completed with the goals of sustainability, reduced waste, and the lowest possible carbon footprint. A few of the categories in which we’ve been recognized by LEED are reduced-water landscaping, regionally-sourced building materials, and sunlight harvesting to reduce lighting and heating energy costs.

View our day meeting packages, learn about our LEED certification, or schedule a tour of our space today!

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