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Why Off-Site Training Makes Sense

The process of planning training sessions for both new and existing staff members can pose the same challenges. Many businesses hold these meetings on-site for convenience, but is that the best option? Consider the following factors before booking the office conference room for your next training session. First, think about the logistics of planning an […]

Engaging the Five Senses in Your Next Conference

Think of all the utterly forgettable conferences you’ve attended. They all blend together in a single blur of less than spectacular food, difficult to follow presentations, and an overall sense of hurried planning. Finding the balance between affordability and memorability is the key to designing a great conference or event, but where should you look […]

Sustainable Conference Venues and Your Business

When you plan a conference, how often do you consider the sustainability and environmental consciousness of your selected venue? If you haven’t considered it, you might be missing out on building brand awareness and credibility among a growing demographic of customers. More people around the world than ever before consider themselves concerned about minimizing their […]

What to Consider Before Choosing a Caterer for Your Professional Event

Great food at professional events has the power to leave guests with a lasting positive impression of your business. A lackluster dining experience, however, can diminish that impression far too easily. This means it’s absolutely vital to give special attention to food service during the planning phase of your conference. Keep in mind that while […]

Utilizing Professional Event Planners to Develop a Better Conference

When the task lands on your desk to plan your company’s next conference, you immediately begin running through everything you’ll need to get done. Event space, transportation, catering…the list goes on. Professional event planners can be helpful allies in your search for the perfectly executed event, but is one right for you? Here are a […]

How To Leverage Your Conference Center Venue in Attendee Management

Your overall attendee experience has a direct relationship with your attendee management process. If you aren’t leveraging your conference center venue in this regard, you are both leaving money on the table and opening the door for a lower quality attendee experience. Here are some tips on how to make your conference center venue work […]

Three Things to Consider When Selecting Your Next North Carolina Conference Center Venue

Selecting the North Carolina conference center venue for your next meeting is perhaps the first, and most important step in the successful planning of your conference, meeting or event. While many professional planners have conference center venue details memorized, if you are new to the role or don’t consistently plan events for your company you […]

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