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Four Ways to Save on Event Costs

Finding creative, effective ways to better leverage an event’s budget is one of the most challenging aspects of planning conferences and corporate events. We know it’s not always easy to squeeze everything you’d like out of your budget, so we want to share some ideas that can help you can look for small ways to save big.

First, be proactive. When starting the planning process, it’s essential to make sure you position yourself ahead of the curve. Check on availability for venues, services like catering, and other necessities like seating and audio equipment. Be sure to follow up regularly with vendors who will be delivering these items to your event. Occasionally, vendors can unintentionally overbook theirs services. Choosing to follow up is an easy way to ensure that any mistakes are caught early in the booking process, giving you plenty of time to identify a backup plan. Failing to do this can leave you subject to not only using your less-preferred vendor but sky-high last minute rates and additional charges.

Next, choose to get creative. If you’ve been holding your organization’s events at the same venue and attendance has been steady, it might be time to consider trying out a new setting. Look for unique, lower-cost options that can meet your requirements and impress your guests. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different to see if you can make your event even more successful than it already is while cutting costs. You could also try adjusting the timing of your event so that rather than covering the cost of a fully catered meal service, you can provide your guests with light refreshments during the afternoon or coffee and pastries earlier in the day.

For inevitably pricier products like signage, look for ways to save costs in the long run. While you’ll likely still pay a similar initial cost upfront, opting for signs that can be reused or leveraged in other ways can be a way to save significantly year after year. Leave off details that are so specific that you can’t be sure they’ll remain the same the next time you need the signage. If those details are necessary, opt for the reusable signage with smaller, less expensive signs nearby that contain those details. Two other great options for indoor signs are chalkboards and whiteboards. Grab a few team members with a little creativity, and make custom signs that can be adjusted, erased, and re-used easily. On an easel or stand, these can be just as beautiful and effective as banners and other printed signage.

Finally, consider going digital. Eliminating as much paper and printing costs as possible can save even small events significantly. In this digital age, it’s likely that most of your attendees will have access to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Choosing to eliminate printed brochures or handouts in favor of a digital copy isn’t likely to be an issue as long as you ensure your guests are prepared for this change in advance. Building out an event website, app, or social media page is a fantastic way to get the word out and make sure your attendees are ready to engage with your event or organization in a new way.

If you’re looking for other ways to cut event costs, explore our all-inclusive packages. We have a range of options available that include catering, A/V support, and a personal event planner to ensure that your conference-planning experience is extraordinary every step of the way. Learn more today!

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