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Predicting the Future of Space Planning for Events

We all wonder what our world will look like once the pandemic is over. Without question, things will be different, but how different and in what ways? With all we have experienced in recent months, there is a high likelihood that people will still take measures in the future to protect themselves from a resurgence […]

Ideas for Creating Safe, Fun Events at Home

Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and other special occasions are significant events in life and deserve to be celebrated. Since our world is in the midst of a pandemic and families are staying home, you may be wondering if you can still observe these milestones in a memorable way. The answer is yes! You just need a […]

2019 Event Trends

2019 is going to be one of the biggest years in event planning. With larger budgets and better technology, you will be able to have one of the best events of the year. With the Conference Center at GTCC you will be able to plan the event with ease and flare. Below, we will showcase […]

Leveraging Technology for Your Event

With every event, there come hurdles and bumps in the road. But by using technology in strategic ways you can lessen or even fix these issues. At the Conference Center at GTCC we offer a suite of modern technological features to best suit your events needs and give your attendees the best experience possible. Below […]

Using an Event App

When planning your corporate event, the most difficult part can be communicating with attendees during the event and following up after. An event planning app can be a great tool to make sure your attendees know what’s happening and alert them to any changes. Organizations of all sizes use apps to manage all types of […]

Meeting Your Audience Halfway: The Value of a Centrally-Located Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue for your next conference or professional event, you’ve probably considered things like how it fits into your budget and whether it’s right for your audience size. However, it’s important to consider the broader locations of venues you’re considering. A centrally-located venue can make your event truly special and […]

How to Make the Most of Your Conference Planning Experience

For many, planning an event comes down to execution and proper planning. Having a smooth experience with everything from scheduling your event and booking your venue to hiring caterers and hosting guest speakers can be difficult to achieve. However, there are some strategies that, if taken advantage of, can really optimize your conference planning experience. […]

Why Your Organization Should Plan a Conference

Is your organization considering planning a conference for the first time? Are you wondering whether a conference is even the right choice? If so, read on, and learn about a few of the reasons why planning a conference could be the right move for your brand, field, or cause. Choosing to plan a conference is […]

How to Balance Budget and Attendee Experience

Planning a conference in today’s technology-saturated climate presents event planners with new and mounting challenges. Because would-be conference audiences have virtually instant access to brands and information online, their expectations continue to grow. This means that in-person conference experiences need to adapt to improve the attendee experience, elevating it above the experience a potential guest […]

Four Ways to Save on Event Costs

Finding creative, effective ways to better leverage an event’s budget is one of the most challenging aspects of planning conferences and corporate events. We know it’s not always easy to squeeze everything you’d like out of your budget, so we want to share some ideas that can help you can look for small ways to […]


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